Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services

In 2007, Aqua Connect set out to create the world's first Mac Remote Desktop Server.  Since then we have been supporting Mac Remote Desktop Services around the world- for customers with 2 concurrent users to 2,000 concurrent users.  Our flagship product has been an innovation and market leader since day one.  Enterprise-grade and feature rich, Mac Remote Desktop Services is the cornerstone of OS X desktop deployments in organizations around the world.


Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services (ACRDS) enables OS X software and applications on that server to be accessed by diverse desktop hardware remotely. ACRDS delivers the Macintosh® experience via OS X servers to diverse hardware and software platforms and mobile devices using graphically enhanced remote access emulation. Incorporating Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Remote Frame Buffer Protocol (VNC) and the Aqua Connect Accelerated Protocol (AAP), Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services makes it possible for diverse workstations and RDP or VNC-enabled mobile devices to function as thin clients of a Mac OS X server. When running applications within ACRDS, they are all running on the server and not the client. The server sends the screen information to the client and receives input only from the mouse and keyboard of the client.

Below is a list of all the features that Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services 3.7 and 3.9 offers:

• Remote sound
• Remote printing
• User auditing
• CPU prioritization
• Active Directory integration
• Open Directory integration
• LDAP integration
• Apple’s Workgroup Manager integration
• User session logs
• Remote ACAdminTool monitoring
• Data loss prevention

This product is protected by one or more Patents, including U.S. Patent Nos. 8,549,093 and 8,924,502.

System Requirements


•    Intel based Xserve, Mac mini server or Mac Pro system
•    2 GB of memory minimum for Operating System
•    180 MB of memory per remote ACRDS user without any significant applications running (at 1024 x 768 screen resolution)
•    500 MB of available disk space on system volume
•    150 MB of available disk space for memory per remote ACRDS user without any significant applications running
•    Free space for applications
•    Free space for temporary storage of application operating data
•    Extra memory for each active user based on applications and data usage


•    Apple Mac OS X software v.10.7.5 or v.10.8.5 or v.10.9.5 or v. 10.10.2
(Versions for 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 are also available)
•    Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services 3.7 or higher

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ACRDS User Manual (3.7)
ACRDS User Manual (3.9)

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