Small and Medium Businesses employ more people around the world than the largest Enterprise corporations. The SMB market has always had a need for Aqua Connect products, and we've tried our best to never turn down a customer who needs our solution. Aqua Connect products can be tailor made for Small and Medium Businesses around the world. Whether you need a solution for 2 to 3 users who need to work from home, or you need to deploy the latest Mac software and hardware in your place of business, Aqua Connect solutions can help you succeed.

No IT Department, No Problem

Aqua Connect's Ignision Server is a powerful solution that allows business to deploy Mac desktops to users at any location and on any device. While the software is powerful, the set-up and maintaining of it is quite easy. On average, customers can get an Ignision Server environment up and running within an hour of purchasing the software. Maintaining a functioning environment is even easier- as long as your network stays healthy Ignision Server will continue to function. Aqua Connect understands that you will have questions from time to time, therefore we make our dedicated Support Team available to all customers by phone or e-mail.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution to Desktop Deployment

Ignision Server is the most cost-effective way to give your employees access to the Mac platform and applications. There is no easier way to say it! All Aqua Connect products come with a perpetual and concurrent license model. This means you only have to pay for the software once! If you are interested to learn just how much cheaper using Ignision Server is when compared to traditional desktop deployments, ask an Aqua Connect Sales Consultant for an Return on Investment (ROI) calculator and analysis today.