Health Care

Although health care professionals have the same needs as other organizations, they must also address additional challenges. The health care industry has a need for accessing data from various different locations, keeping patient information secure while meeting HIPPA compliancy and adjusting to lack of resources and staff.

Decreased Administration Support Time

Many benefits can be achieved by implementing Aqua Connect’s Ignision Server offering. Aqua Connect is helping health care related companies improve their technical setups so they can spend more time assisting the needs of their patients. Since everything is located on one server, software updates and installations only need to be applied once, saving a lot of time and effort for the staff. They no longer need to update every single computer in their environment.

Reuse Old Hardware

The need to modernize their aging IT environments has become more prevalent in today's demanding workplace such as digitalizing patient records so they may be accessed anywhere in order to increase productivity. All of this must be achieved while tightening security and keeping costs to a minimum. By using Ignision Server, they are able to reuse older hardware that they would otherwise have to replace. The savings from doing that can then be applied to other areas.

Remote Access to Patient Information

Since Ignision Server software allows for remote access, it works well in clinical situations. If a hospital had remote clinics that their doctors had to visit every week, they could allow them to connect to the server from those locations on any hardware they might have available there (or their own personal machines). There would be no need to bring patient files with them, as they would all be on the server. It makes it much easier to work at satellite clinics when you don't have to carry paper copies of all of the documentation with you. If they needed to check lab work or a patient's medical history, it would all be at their fingertips. Doctors would not have to call their office to get patient information to them any more. If there was information that was needed that was not on the server, it could be easily uploaded onto it by the office for the doctor to retrieve. It would no longer have to be sent via email, which makes it better from a security standpoint.

Security for Lost Hardware

Another benefit is if a staff worker had their client hardware (like a netbook, laptop, tablet or smartphone) stolen or misplaced, there would be no loss of patient data, as everything would be on the server, not the client. Under situations where Ignision Server is not used, all of that patient data would be on the computer and would be considered a security problem. As long as the person was not logged into their user account at the time (and their password wasn't saved), anyone who found the machine would have no way to get to that information.


Built-in Load Balancing: Unlike with ACRDS where you had to buy a separate Load Balancer, the Ignision Enterprise Edition comes with it built in to the product. It is designed to look at all of the available servers and choose which is the least busy server, taking into account processor speeds and the amount of free memory available.

Better Integration with Active Directory: The built-in Load balancer depends on Active Directory to make sure that all of the security information for the servers are in sync.

Built-In Fault Tolerance: Ignision Enterprise Edition’s default behavior is to contain a copy of all of the other servers on the network. So if one server goes down, the others will still have the information. They always keep in sync.

Health Monitor: The Enterprise Edition has a built-in Health Monitor that keeps an eye on whether servers are offline or crashes have occurred. It can also be configured to send reports to a Diagnostic Tool for use with Technical Support.