Government agencies and departments are tasked with serving the needs of citizens with speed and flexibility, but with very limited budget and staff. To compound this, mandates and stipulations dictate that the computing infrastructure must be secure and work under extreme conditions, in an environment that is often spread out over many locations. Ignision Server is able to address all of these issues that state and local government face today. From the smallest local Government office to the largest Federal/Central facility, Aqua Connect has helped many agencies roll out secure, reliable computing at a fraction of the cost.

Fast and Secure Communications

Secure and efficient communication is necessary in all government agencies at any level.  The sharing of valuable knowledge and information is key to success in the public sector.  Aqua Connect allows government agencies to create an efficient IT infrastructure for sharing resources and information.  Ignision Server allows for remote access to applications and information through secure connections.  In many head to head tests, our customers have reported that using an Ignision Server terminal session produced a much faster user experience than their VPN service.  In today's world, it is very important to be able to access information as quickly as possible, and Ignision Server will allow you to do this.  While speed and performance are important for government agencies, none of this matters if the information is not accessed in a secure manner.  By licensing Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol, Aqua Connect has ensured that every connection is established and transmitted with built-in encryption.  The ability to access information with increased speed and performance while maintaining a high level of security is essential to all forms of government and Ignision Server can help to achieve this.

Centralized Administration

Many government agencies have multiple offices and employees accessing their vital IT systems throughout the day.  Each one of these employees and workstations represent a unique point of failure that the IT department must maintain.  The Ignision Server solution allows your IT department to centralize applications and desktop deployment to single source reducing the point of failures.  Downtime due to maintenance and system failure is unacceptable in the public sector, but a serious concern with so many points of failure.  With Aqua Connect, you will be able to deploy applications and desktops from the server to your users allowing them access to the latest software without having to update each machine.  Theft is another concern at government agencies due to the high flow of traffic in these buildings.  If a device is stolen, no information will be lost or compromised since all of the information and applications are stored at the server.

Save Money by Increasing the Shelf Life of Hardware

While we expect our government agencies to have access to the latest software and hardware to better serve us, this is sometimes not the case.  Just like any industry, Government agencies must operate on a strict budget.  Affordable thin clients can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of normal laptops or desktops and also last for many more years.  With Ignision Server, governments can deploy OS X to these devices or even old hardware that was repurposed.  Aqua Connect allows government IT departments to deploy the latest macOS to their employees while maintaining a highly secure environment at a fraction of the cost.