Organizations worldwide face numerous requirements and challenges that must be met in order to thrive and be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. In order to remain competitive, organizations must leverage cutting edge technologies. Aqua Connect’s goal is to equip all industries with cost efficient technology in order to gain the competitive advantage by using the world’s very first Mac Terminal Server software.

Providing solutions to IT teams that ensure data security and business continuity to better manage user data is a principle goal of Aqua Connect's business strategies. Many benefits can be achieved by implementing Ignision Server. Our goal is to help businesses globally in achieving many of the advantages that our technology has to offer.

Unified User Management

Ignision Server simplifies IT so businesses can efficiently control costs by utilizing existing hardware and software resources. With our technology, software and user management can be treated from a single point thus eliminating the need to divert resources to single workstations for menial tasks. Additionally Ignision Server helps protect critical data that keeps your organization efficiently running without any downtime. These benefits are what makes our compelling technology a necessity for all types of businesses.

Using Ignision Server With FileMaker

For example, one can implement Ignision Server in a FileMaker environment to enable remote users to use FileMaker at greater speeds. It makes it easier to access databases remotely, even from long distances. Now companies can have their FileMaker database in one location (like the United States) and have users log into that database from other offices in other countries. If all of the data entry is done in one office in another country and another office needs to check it for reference, Ignision Server makes it easy to do so. Instead of emailing files back and forth, one can now just share the file on the one server. There would only be one copy of the file to keep track of, instead of multiple files, all with different save dates and with different people.

Using Ignision Server with Creative Suites

Another popular deployment with Ignision Server is using it in conjunction with Adobe's Creative Suites software. Organizations in one location can create graphics in Photoshop that can be inserted into Illustrator or InDesign at another location. There is no longer a need to have to email the very large pictures back and forth every time a change to the file is needed. Not only does it save bandwidth by not having to upload and download the files, but it saves the time and effort it would take to do so. If an edit is needed, it can be done quickly on the server without ever having to send it to other locations. It makes it much easier to collaborate on a story when everything can be found on the same computer.