Educational institutions face a unique challenge today. Students need the latest hardware and software to aid them in the learning process, but administrators and decision makers are forced to balance shrinking budgets and loss of funds. Many of our schools today can't keep up with the latest educational software because their existing hardware infrastructures are out-of-date and under performing. Ignision Server can alleviate this problem by providing an affordable and viable solution to desktop deployment which will allow you to reuse old hardware or purchase more affordable thin client machines.

More Cost-Effective Than A Computer For Every Student

A terminal server solution is far cheaper than putting a new Mac desktop or laptop in front of every student. The Mac platform provides educational tools and software that cannot be found on other platforms, but the cost of Apple hardware is difficult for schools to absorb. As students use Macs more and more everyday for their personal computing needs, the demand to have Macs in the classroom as well has increased remarkably over the last few years. At 70% less than a low end MacBook, Ignision Server can deliver 5-7 desktops at the cost of one MacBook.

Old Hardware Made New Again

Every school and college has invested a considerable amount of money in their current computer hardware environment. It takes only a few years to make many of these machines obsolete. Instead of scrapping all of this hardware for a new deployment, Ignision Server allows you to reuse this old hardware as a terminal. By licensing Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol in our terminal server product, we have made it possible to use very out-dated hardware. Old iMacs and PCs can function as the latest Mac operating system, saving your school hundreds of dollars on each machine and repurposing that hardware for everyday use once again. Since the terminal server solution turns old hardware into a dumb terminal, there will be little affect on performance from these old machines, turning them into powerful clients capable of running the latest software from your favorite providers. If purchasing cutting-edge new hardware is something your budget can account for, then Ignision Server is the only way to deploy macOS to affordable thin client devices. Please take a look at our thin client and energy savings guide for more information in the resources section.

Remote Sessions From a Variety of Devices

There is no doubt that Ignision Server will save your school money, but it will also allow you to provide an innovative new way for your students to take part in the learning process. Through a terminal server session, students can have remote access to an Apple server from a variety of devices. If you have students who need to continue their work from home or away from school, Ignision Server makes that possible. Students can access a Mac desktop and the educational software on the server from their home computers regardless of what hardware they have or where they are. With Ignision Server, a student is never out of reach of the necessary school materials to continue their work.