Creative Design

Adobe's Creative Suites software has become a vital part of many small and large businesses. This powerful software has been a staple in the creative departments of marketing and advertising firms and is essential to the daily business of media and publishing companies. With Ignision Server you can deploy Adobe's Creative Suite for Mac in a multi-user environment like never before.

Collaboration and Centralization Made Easy

The need to collaborate on projects in media, publishing and marketing companies is undeniable. In many occasions, a single project takes the input of many different employees in various departments. Sometimes this even includes other offices in different locations collaborating. Multiple users can log in to a single server and work either independently on their own desktops, or shadow other sessions to work together. Ignision Server will allow you to collaborate at an increased speed over many VPNs when using Adobe's Creative Suites. As more work is outsourced, it is important for these remote offices to communicate in an efficient and secure manner. Through an Ignision Server user session, collaboration moves at a faster pace allowing your employees and coworkers to finish projects faster. This solution will allow you to centralize all of your Creative Suite projects on one server in one location, while giving multiple offices the ability to access these files.

Share large files with ease

Creative Suite users are known for creating large detailed projects. Sharing these files and images can slow down network speed, especially for remote connections. Organizations in one location can create graphics in Photoshop that can be inserted into Illustrator or InDesign at another location. There is no longer a need to have to email the very large pictures back and forth every time a change to the file is needed. Not only does it save bandwidth by not having to upload and download the files, but it saves the time and effort it would take to do so. If an edit is needed, it can be done quickly on the server without ever having to send it to other locations. It makes it much easier to collaborate on a story when everything can be found on the same computer.