Ignision Server

Deliver macOS desktops and applications to users anywhere.

Ignision Server is the foundation of our product offering. Ignision Server is a powerful session broker that can deploy macOS desktops and applications from a single server or scale up to a large pool of servers. Regardless of size, Ignision Server can be customized and deployed in a small business environment or with enterprise features allowing it to grow to any organization's size.

Ion Protocol & Client

The fastest remote desktop protocol on the market.

The macOS environment is delivered by both Microsoft's RDP protocol and Aqua Connect's proprietary Ion protocol, thus providing a wide range of supported devices as well as different bandwidth and performance abilities depending on an organization's needs. The Ion protocol is able to deliver a fast and native user experience with multimedia acceleration that excels in most low bandwidth situations. Ion is capable of running on any OS, allowing you to deploy macOS to most devices.

Remote Desktop Services

Terminal services for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to 10.9 Mavericks.

In 2007 Aqua Connect created the world's first Mac terminal server- Aqua Connect Terminal Server. Over the years that product evolved into Remote Desktop Services (ACRDS). Enterprise-grade and trusted by customers around the globe, Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services is now our legacy product that delivers Snow Leopard to Mavericks desktops. A true terminal services offering, Remote Desktop Services is available today to deliver legacy versions of Mac OS X and applications. ACRDS utilizes Microsoft’s RDP and our proprietary Aqua Accelerated Protocol (AAP).