Centrify provides Unified Identity Services across data centers, cloud and mobile — resulting in one single login for users and one unified identity infrastructure for IT. Centrify's software and cloud services let organizations securely leverage their existing identity infrastructure to centrally manage authentication, access control, privilege management, policy enforcement and compliance across on-premise and cloud resources. More than 5000 customers have deployed Centrify across millions of servers, workstations, and applications. With Centrify, organizations are reducing their costs associated with identity lifecycle management and compliance by over 50%.

Centrify for SaaS is a cloud-based service that will make users happy with single sign-on and personalized self-service and make IT even happier with its ease of deployment and management. Centrify gives users one-click access to SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and a thousands of others via the self-service MyCentrify User Portal. And Centrify's Active Directory integration means IT does not need to sacrifice control over corporate identities and can leverage existing technology, skillsets and processes already in place for Active Directory. The result is one single login for users, and one unified identity infrastructure for IT.

Apple's Active Directory services has a number of limitations and problems. Centrify solves issues with Apple's handling of remote home folders in multi-user systems by taking over the process of mounting home folders. It also solves the issue with Active Directory occasionally failing authentication due to problems with the AD server. Centrify caches login information, so, in the event the AD goes down,musers will still be able to log in and validate against the cached data(assuming, of course, if remote folders are used, that they can still be mounted).

Please contact Centrify regarding compatibility with your version of Mac OS X.

For a comparison between Centrify’s Mac products and features, please visit this link: http://www.centrify.com/express/upgrade-options-for-centrify-express.asp