MacStadium is the leading managed Mac hosting solution in the world offering individuals and organizations of all sizes to colocate and rent dedicated Mac servers and Mac private cloud environments hosted in data centers around the world. We’re an experienced, driven team of technology enthusiasts striving to provide the best Mac hosting experience to all users.

In early 2012, MacStadium was incubated inside a traditional managed data center company in Atlanta, Georgia, to address a largely underserved market focusing on Apple Mac servers and infrastructure.

MacStadium quickly gained a national following in the Mac hosting niche market with several large companies joining in and building large, successful businesses on top of our managed Mac solutions. Individuals and Mac hobbyists also found the managed offering to be a perfect complement to their personal Mac mini servers by hosting in a data center environment on the East Coast of the US.

MacStadium’s rapid growth was made possible by implementing key design philosophies that led to multiple U.S. patents being issued for its innovative and densely configured rack solutions specifically for the Mac mini computer. MacStadium is proud to say that it can host more Mac minis per square foot than any other data center in the world!

Shortly after Apple introduced the newly redesigned Mac Pro, MacStadium was already online with an innovative, patented data center rack design to efficiently host and scale centralized deployments of the new Mac Pro in a secure data center environment. The powerful Mac Pro solution offered by MacStadium was the perfect platform for MacStadium to introduce the world’s first VMware-powered Mac hosting solution with Mac Pro private clouds. Thousands of software developers worldwide take advantage every day of VMware on a cluster of dedicated Mac computers at MacStadium to host virtual desktops, unique SaaS applications, or scalable continuous integration build servers for iOS and macOS app development.