Ignision Server

Ignision Server is the core of Aqua Connect's remote desktop products and fulfills several roles traditionally compartmentalized into separate products or components of a remote access product suite. Ignision Server includes a powerful session broker that can deploy macOS desktops and applications from one or more servers. It can scale from a single server to a large pool of cooperative machines. Regardless of the size of an organization there is an Ignision Server offering and deployment strategy for it. The Standard Edition allows organizations to deploy macOS desktops right out of the box for upwards of 50 users per server. Your users will be ready to remotely access macOS applications within minutes of creating their user accounts or integrating directory services.

Almost all Ignision Standard Edition features are optional and do not need to be configured or utilized in production. Ignision Standard Edition utilizes Aqua Connect’s Ion Protocol. The Ion Protocol is a proprietary remote desktop protocol that delivers the fastest user experience possible on macOS.

The chart below provides a list of different features included in the product.

This product is protected by one or more Patents, including U.S. Patent No. 8,924,502 and RE46,386.

Auto Keyboard Mapping
Multiple Connections/Session Shadowing (Ion)
Network Account Authentication (Used With Third Party Software)   
RDP 5 and Above Client Support
Custom Screen Resolutions
RSA 4096 AES 512 CBC Encryption
Server Fingerprint (Server Authentication)
JSON Support
Custom SSL/TSL Certificate Support
Encryption On/Off
APFS Support
Networking Printing
Display Quality Control (Ion)
On-Console Mode (1:1 Remote Control Session)
Hide Console Mode (1:1 Remote Session With Console Locked)


Potential Future Features

Custom macOS login window: Brand the macOS login window with your company logo or any image. Users will see this window when remotely logging into the server for the first time.

Custom Ion Client Welcome Screen: Customize the welcome screen when your users launch the Ion client for macOS or Windows. Provide instructions for your users, a welcome message, compliance notices, etc.

Session Time-Out: Enter a value that will disconnect or log out user sessions after a specific interval.

Comman Line Admin Tool: Access the features of the admin tool using the command line. For Aqua Connect admins only.

Ion Protocol

Find out why our proprietary Ion Protocol and Client delivers the fastest remote desktop experience available for macOS.

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