US Petrolon

US Petrolon

Aqua Connect gives US Petrolon the ability to provide their remote users access to needed data and applications

US Petrolon needed to provide full access to a server that housed their data and applications to users who were “on the road” visiting clients. They discovered that the best way to do that would be to use a terminal server solution from Aqua Connect. A secondary purpose for them was to permit internal users easy access to several applications installed for their common use on a server.

They installed Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services on an 8-core MacPro, which had 4GB of RAM. All of their clients are Macs, running either or both Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection and Chicken of the VNC software clients. US Petrolon users primarily access email and internal company databases. From time to time, they also do some graphic layout & design work in Aqua Connect sessions.

Before trying Aqua Connect, they also tried Timbuktu Pro and Apple’s Remote Desktop. While they still occasionally continue to use both programs, having the Aqua Connect terminal sessions on the server made it much easier to access their data and saved them installation time.

By deciding to use Aqua Connect, it has saved their “road guys” the frustration of not being able to work or access their work documents on the road, and has simplified providing email and services to them. It has also allowed US Petrolon to use a server-based installation of some applications, which has saved money from licensing the application onto several local computers and the time to maintain those installations.