University of Delaware

University of Delaware

Aqua Connect allows them to provide the ability for their Graduate Students to use a Mac desktop on a thin client

For the Graduate Students in their Chemistry Department, the University of Delaware had set up a classroom for them to learn how to use certain Chemistry-related software programs. While the university was easily able to find a way to provide Windows and Linux desktops on terminals for their students, they had a tougher time finding an option for a Mac desktop. Once they discovered Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services, they were able to use it to give their students the Mac experience too.

Over 85% of the University faculty was using the Mac platform. The University of Delaware installed Aqua Connect on a Dual Xeon Power Mac with 12 GB of RAM, along with various pieces of software they used for Chemistry. Then they configured the Linux terminals to have a shortcut icon that started a remote desktop session to the Power Mac in their server room. All of their students connect via clients that are small atom based terminals based on Thinstation Linux that uses remotedesktop to connect.

They went with Aqua Connect because the company was willing to assist them in getting it working using remotedesktop under Linux. It provided a responsive desktop to each 18 simultaneous sessions, each using resource intensive chemistry applications.

Now that they have installed it in this one classroom, they are currently evaluating it for use in many other computer teaching labs that use dedicated computers for each desktop.

Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services was the only solution for them. They would not have had a Mac desktop available to their students without it.

“Without ACRDS and the help of the technical staff of Aqua Connect, we would not be able to use the Operating/Desktop software that our students will be using for the next five years of their PhD Chemistry studies.”

- Patrick McMahon