Université Laval

Université Laval

Aqua Connect enables Université Laval to have multiple users be able to use their Xserve for Matlab calculations at the same time, connecting from either work or home

Université Laval needed a way to have their users be able to connect to their Xserve at the same time, from either work or home. Instead of having to use Secure Shell connections (SSH), they can now all use it at the same time.

They installed Aqua Connect on their Intel Two-Dual-Core Xserve that had multiple terabyte of hard disk space. They run the server in Simple Mode with multiple Open Directory accounts and numerous groups. Aqua Connect integrates very well with all of their simple management strategies.

Université Laval uses a mixture of Macs, PCs and Linux boxes to connect to their Xserve. With their gigabit Ethernet at work, they use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection software to use RDP. From outside locations, they use various VNC clients to connect.

By implementing Aqua Connect, they can now have multiple concurrent users on their Xserve, which has a centralized powerful server for calculations (Matlab) and compilation/development (Xcode). They are now using the Xserve to its full potential. It gave them the ability to collaborate on projects faster. Using Aqua Connect enabled them to create accounts on their Mac machine so their collaborators can use the Mac-specific tools that they have developed.

“We can use our Xserve to its full extent by having multiple clients connected through the OS X interface instead of only allowing ‘power-users’ through the remote shell connections.”

- Daniel Côté