Technology Marketing, Inc.

Technology Marketing, Inc.

Aqua Connect gives them the ability to allow outside salesmen access to their internal network

Technology Marketing had a need to have several of their outside salesmen access the company’s internal software remotely and concurrently. They tasked their consultant with finding a solution for their problem. After an extensive search, their consultant discovered Aqua Connect’s product set as a possible solution for their issue.

As a small company, it was important for Technology Marketing to be able to find a solution that a consultant could easily deploy in their environment. The employees at the company did not have the time to find or implement the solution. Their consultant easily understood Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services after contacting an Aqua Connect sales consultant. After purchasing, there was little downtime in getting the software installed and running. For a small business, the simplicity of installation and deployment was important to keep consultant fees at a minimum. It was also important for Technology Marketing to be able to support the environment without the consultant being necessary after installation.

They installed Aqua Connect on a MacBook Pro. In addition to Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services, they installed AcctVantage for their accounting and inventory management needs. Their salesmen accessed the Aqua Connect server via a mix of different computers, with the majority being MacBook Pros and Windows machines.

With the addition of the Aqua Connect software to their computing environment, their sales representatives can now access company data from the road. The remote access benefits of Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services was the most important aspect in their decision to purchase the software.

“I have had very few problems with ACRDS over the last 8 months of use. It provided a solution to access our internal network while outside the office.”