Scottsdale Community College

Scottsdale Community College

Aqua Connect enables them to provide virtual access to Mac-based applications while still providing seamless integration with their current Citrix environment

Scottsdale Community College had a significant virtual computing environment where they provided over 220 Windows-based applications to their faculty, staff and students. Despite the wide range of software they provided, there was a growing need from their user base to virtualize Mac applications that were not available on the Windows platform. They needed a solution that would allow them to give their users virtual access to Mac-based applications without having to implement multiple changes to their already existing Citrix environment.

They installed Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services on their 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon Xserve with 32 GB of memory. They are currently using Aqua Connect to distribute their iPhone development tools for their iPhone development class and also in their Television Production classes for Movie Magic Budgeting and Movie Magic Scheduling. Faculty, staff and students connect to the ACRDS server from a mixture of Mac, Windows and Linux machines, plus iPhones, iPads, Android-based cell phones and other types of clients. Regardless of the client used, all of them connect via Scottsdale’s Citrix Web Interface, which essentially streams the RDP connection to their XenApp servers.

Through the Aqua Connect solution, they have been able to extend access to Mac specific applications that they were unable to do prior to the implementation. Prior to finding Aqua Connect, they could not find any other viable options or alternatives to solve their problem. Their default installation of Aqua Connect was quick and provided them with all of the functionality they needed.

As the Aqua Connect solution matures, they see it benefiting many areas of their organization’s infrastructure by being able to provide access to more Mac specific applications. Scottsdale Community College believes this solution improves their competitive advantage by extending their virtual computing offerings to include Mac-based applications.

“The Aqua Connect solution is the perfect companion to Scottsdale Community College’s Citrix environment. Aqua Connect enables access to Mac-based applications for faculty, staff, and students while enhancing opportunities for teaching and learning.”

- Matt Diglio