RVBS Partner

RVBS Partner

Aqua Connect enables them to deliver secure, efficient and stable access to their local server from remote locations

RVBS Partner was looking for software that would allow them to deliver a secure, efficient and stable access to their local client server application from their remote workstations. It also had to integrate with their firewall and VPN client software. After a recommendation from one of their service partners, they decided to give Aqua Connect a try.

RVBS Partner installed Aqua Connect on their Mac mini server. Instead of the standard hard drive, their server had a 256 GB SSD with 16 GB of memory. In addition to Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services, they were also using Microsoft Office and VPN software for connection purposes. They connected to their server via Mac, Windows and Mobile Clients (iPads).

They enjoy using Aqua Connect because it provides secure access to their central company application no matter where they are. As a member of the SwissLegal Group of lawyers and experts around the world, security was an important aspect of the Aqua Connect solution. Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services can deliver secure Mac OS X desktops and application by using Microsoft’s encrypted Remote Desktop Protocol or the RSA 2048-bit encryption that is TLS/FIPS 140-2 compliant Aqua Accelerated Protocol. When you are part of a multi-national law firm, security is of the utmost importance.

“Aqua Connect is a product that comes out of the box with many pros regarding productivity, security and mobility.”

- Daniel Sueess