RG Barry Corporation

RG Barry Corporation

Aqua Connect helps them provide remote access for their Mac workstation users

RG Barry Corporation was looking for a way to have their Mac workstation users to be able to access their information from remote locations. After hearing about Aqua Connect by word of mouth, they tried it out and realized that it could be the answer to their problem. By using Aqua Connect, their users would be able to have their desktops available to them wherever they may be at the time.

They installed Aqua Connect on their two Quad-Core Xserves with 64GB of memory. In addition to Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services, they were also using Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. Client computers include a mixture of Mac and Windows machines that connects to the ACRDS hardware via RDP-compatible software.

Now that RG Barry Corporation has ACRDS installed in their environment, they have saved themselves a lot of frustration for their remote users. Their Mac workstation users are now able to work extra time from home as well as on off days due to illness or other issues. It also has provided them an avenue for the users to work in situations of office closure for such instances as weather emergencies. They have found that ACRDS may have potential in possibly finding a replication engine to their disaster recovery site and allowing for remote access in a disaster recovery situation.

“RG Barry Corporation was looking for a remote access solution for its Mac workstation user base. Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services fits the bill perfectly, was easy to implement and best of all the users love it. You can’t beat good feedback from the user base to upper management.”

- Derek Spann