Ohio Valley Endocrinology

Ohio Valley Endocrinology

Aqua Connect gives them the ability to access electronic medical records remotely from different locations

Ohio Valley Endocrinology had a need for their multiple satellite offices to be able to connect to the server that housed all of their electronic medical records. They tested Apple’s Remote Desktop application but it lacked the ability for multiple user connections that Aqua Connect offered. Satisfied with performance and speed when compared to Apple’s Remote Desktop, they found Aqua Connect to be the perfect solution for their needs.

Since they were an all Mac shop, they were very intrigued when they heard about Aqua Connect. They thought it would be the perfect fit for their company.

Ohio Valley Endocrinology installed Aqua Connect on their Mac Pro. They connect to the server with three MacBooks and two MacBook Airs as their clients. The main program they needed Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services for was MacPractice. This gave them an easy way for all of their employees to access the medical information while not in the office. The ability to achieve full functionality in MacPractice through terminal services was essential to their implementation.

By implementing Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services, it saved them time and frustration by providing a reliable and stable connection to their main office. It also helped when employees needed to work from home on the weekends. The product paid for itself by solving their problem with their constant connectivity issues.

“Aqua Connect works like a charm for remote connection to your Mac server.”

- Yancey Holmes
Chief Practitioner