Aqua Connect enables them to be able to access their database from various locations

KOMPALLA Training was looking for a way to have all of their employees be able to access the company FileMaker Pro database from either inside or outside their office. Since they did not want to have to deal with scripting for various screen sizes, they decided to look for a centralized solution for their environment.

They implemented Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services on a Mac Mini server. Their clients were Macs and Windows PCs. In addition to FileMaker Pro, they were also using Safari and QuicKeys as applications that their users needed to be able to access remotely.

Working with ACRDS solved the performance problem with their database, which would occur when employees tried working on it from their home offices. In addition, it helped them avoid having to do extra workarounds for their other applications. While they did try alternative software, they found that Aqua Connect gave them more options in screen resolutions and improved remote performance, which was an important aspect of their decision making process.

Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services has been proven by customers all over the world to assist in the remote performance of accessing a FileMaker database. With Aqua Connect’s solution, data transfer and access to the database can happen almost instantaneously through an Aqua Connect user session.

"Little company with a big problem – Aqua Connect solved it!”

- Hans-Jürgen Kompalla