Impact Directories

Impact Directories

Aqua Connect enables Impact Directories to give their employees the ability to connect from anywhere to vital Mac-only software with their PCs

Impact Directories needed a better way to have their employees run their Mac-only main database software. Since Macs are so expensive and 50% of their employees have to use PCs, setting up Aqua Connect saved them a lot of money in not having to buy Macs for everyone in their office. They also have multiple sales reps and employees who need to access their database from outside the office. Aqua Connect Remote Desktop Services allows each of them to access their database from home or in their remote offices at good speeds. Prior to implementing ACRDS, any time a salesperson needed to access the information on the database, they would either have to come to the office or put in a call to have someone else look up the needed information.

Aqua Connect is loaded on an Xserve, running Bookman software. They are using a mixed environment of clients, both Mac and PC. A lot of employees have been able to keep their older laptops since Aqua Connect still runs fast on them.

Aqua Connect saved them a lot of time, frustration and money. A single employee working in a remote office said that using ACRDS would save him an hour a day. They will no longer have to pay for expensive Macs or the connecting software that we need to remotely access them. They believe that their investment in ACRDS probably paid itself off after the second month. Using Aqua Connect has saved them a lot of time in setting up accounts and has freed up a lot of time in their IT department.

“Great product! My only regret is that we weren't able to discover it sooner. It would have saved us a fortune in Macs and software.”

- Zach Hansen